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Discover FlowForma's Infopath Migration Tool

The Challenge

Microsoft will cease support for InfoPath in 2024, but a greater concern may be that InfoPath does not support modern end user access points, like mobile devices, and does not offer features that maximize the benefits of modern technology. Therefore, technical solutions built on InfoPath are inferior to those built on modern platforms.

The FlowForma Process Automation Approach 

Dedicated to making the complex simple, FlowForma Process Automation recommends using our no-code designer, which allows you to build replacement forms in a fraction of the original time, using non-IT resources, with built-in form features that produce a better end user experience.  

For large-scale replacements, involving many InfoPath forms, FlowForma Process Automation offers a tool that can accelerate InfoPath form replacement.

The tool accepts an InfoPath form template as input, interprets the template and automatically maps sections and fields onto steps and questions. Users can adjust the mapping to accurately replicate the form function.

The tool generates a FlowForma template for import into any FlowForma environment.

Finishing touches to the converted form can be applied in FlowForma using our no-code designer.

Key Benefits of FlowForma vs InfoPath

FlowForma Process Automation accelerates migration as it 

  • Allows secure access to forms from anywhere using your web browser. 
  • Stores information centrally and securely in SharePoint.
  • Has built in workflow and no need for external workflow.
  • Provides no-code process automation, without any assistance from IT. 
  • Builds forms accessible on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Generates documents with ease, including all your form data.

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What Do Our Customers Have To Say

''Anyone who ever spent any time struggling against some of the brick walls which InfoPath throws up will love this product

It solves most of the problems and adds so much more. We're using it in an increasing number of areas across our organization where customer development either cannot be justified or is simply less expedient''

- Mark G, Senior Web Developer, NHS Blackpool Hospitals