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Infopath replacement - FlowForma

The Challenge

Organizations who currently use InfoPath® as an eForms solution, are facing the challenge of finding an alternative to their depreciated and no longer supported InfoPath. With many businesses using InfoPath since its inception in 1999, the thought of migrating can be daunting.

The Solution

Dedicated to making the complex simple, FlowForma has simplified the InfoPath forms migration challenge for clients, by developing a unique InfoPath replacement solution. This tool enables FlowForma to accelerate the migration of business process steps and fields to the FlowForma Process Automation environment. 

How Our InfoPath Replacement Works

1. Your organization can utilize the tool to migrate business process steps and fields into the FlowForma system and proceed to apply the business logic required

2. FlowForma’s developers can access your InfoPath and migrate your business process building blocks over to the FlowForma Process Automation tool, adding the correct business rules and logic as appropriate

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System Requirements

  • This migration tool is compatible with InfoPath 2010 and 2013 only
  • Customers need to be using version FlowForma BPM 4.0 or later


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FlowForma -  Infopath migration tool and alternative