FlowForma for Not-for-Profits

Productivity, collaboration and keeping costs down are always important to any organization. Working closely with charities and Not-for-Profits, we realize the increased pressure on these bodies to embrace technology, comply with changing regulation and manage their reputation.

FlowForma Process Automation is proven to help charities digitize processes from incident reporting, to travel booking and complaints management, find out more below.

Our Not-for-Profit Customers include:
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How Charities Perform Better with FlowForma

  Incident Reporting & Management  

To make incident reporting and management more efficient, reliable and most importantly auditable, many Charities and publically funded organizations have deployed FlowForma Process Automation to automate these crucial processes, empowering their professionals to report incidents quickly and easily even when on the move. Next steps can be identified and colleagues notified, with all steps recorded for seamless reporting.


  Risk Management  

With increased pressure on charities to identify, assess, evaluate and monitor risk, many have turned to FlowForma. Our no code tool aids the automation of these risk management processes, enabling risks to be recorded and categorized with a risk rating applied. The tool controls the information submitted to ensure quality data and empowers users to record and assign next steps with instant notifications.


  HR & Travel Processes 

HR teams are often challenged with poor visibility and inefficiencies when it comes to everyday HR processes. Most of our Not-for-Profit clients use FlowForma workflow to automate on boarding, leave requests, performance appraisal and more. Charities are also using FlowForma Process Automation to automate and control travel booking and the tracking of staff/volunteers locations and accommodation details, in case of emergency.


  Complaints Management 

With public trust in Not-for-Profits a priority, many organizations have chosen FlowForma Process Automation to automate their complaints management process. Using FlowForma Process Automation, a Complaints Manager can easily record complaints by category, apply a risk rating, define and notify colleagues regarding actions, record who did what and when, and the overall outcome, with the benefit of a complete audit trail.

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Some Sample Use Cases

  • Complaints management
  • Risk management
  • Travel booking process
  • Incident reporting
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Expenses management
  • Fundraising process
  • Finance requisition
  • Purchase requests
  • Training requests

Why Not-for-Profits Choose FlowForma

  • It aids paper process elimination
  • It empowers business experts to build their own processes
  • It follows LEAN principles
  • It provides complete process visibility and highlights bottlenecks
  • It enables cross departmental knowledge sharing sharing
  • It is a no-code, logic only solution 
  • It is an all-in-one toolkit with forms, workflow, analytics, and doc generation
  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • It maximizes existing SharePoint investments
  • It is available on both Office 365 and Azure

Customer Feedback

''At TOUCH Community Services, we had already digitized our key processes using FlowForma Process Automation prior to Covid-19.

Covid-19 hit us hard and all of our staff have been forced to work from home. We are very glad that digitization has allowed our staff to work from home without any hindrance, thanks to the FlowForma Process Automation tool."

- Lim Puay Meng, TOUCH Community Services