Improve Operational Efficiency and Visibility With Process Automation

With supply chain delays, skills shortages, and increasing costs of energy manufacturing leaders should focus on building future-fit organizations that are adaptive, creative, and resilient, unlocking more sustainable and profitable customer relationships as a result.

No code process automation is the quickest way to accelerate business transformation in the manufacturing sector. FlowForma Process Automation is proven to improve supply chain visibility, resilience, and performance while driving The Green Agenda for manufacturers across the globe.

Webinar Recording

Watch this webinar recording to hear Product Strategist, Paul Stone disucss a new era of automation in manufactruing.

How FlowForma Adds Value To Manufacturing

  Accelerating Innovation

FlowForma Process Automation helps manufacturers to put a formal innovation structure in place, managing the process from idea generation, all the way through to product launch. Realizing that innovation does not happen in isolation, customers are using FlowForma to optimize processes and improve efficiencies. 

  Overcome Labour Shortages 

As many manufacturers face challenges in acquiring the right talent to meet current and future demand. No-code tools, like FlowForma Process Automation,
are easy-to-use and see a high uptake
amongst staff. They empower staff to drive
operational efficiency in a business - and
do more with less. 

  Automating Compliance 

A number of our manufacturing customers use FlowForma Process Automation to automate processes, to help them ensure compliance and easy audits. Such processes include health and safety training, risk assessments, incident management, ISO checklists, equipment and product testing etc. 

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  Digitalized Supply Chain 

FlowForma is enabling several manufacturers to achieve better visibility across the value chain to enhance transparency and bolster resilience. Supply Chain Managers are driving efficiency, resilience, and innovation in the supply chain with process automation. 



Automate These Manufacturing Processes

  • Innovation management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Supply chain management 
  • Collaboration with external parties
  • Compliance automation
  • Contracts management 
  • Customer onboarding
  • Incident management
  • Quality control
  • Complaints management

 Why Manufacturers Choose Our Workflow Management Software

Supply Chain Transparency

innovation - icon with gradient

Accelerates Innovation

decision icon with gradient copy

Empowers Decision Making

Talent icon with gradient copy

Improves Talent Attraction and Retention

collaboration - icon with gradient copy

Cross-Departmental Knowledge-Sharing

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Empowers Business People To Digitalize

Arrows-icon with gradient copy

Ensures Business Continuity

Savings icon with gradient copy

Maximizes SharePoint Investment