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I need a simple tool to be able to deploy my processes faster. I need the flexibility to make changes without the help of IT personnel. I want to empower my team to make better decisions faster.

What Makes FlowForma BPM Unique

FlowForma, the leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) tools for Microsoft Office 365® is revolutionizing the traditional BPM space with an innovative approach to developing BPM products that empower users to create and streamline processes, utilizing the SharePoint platform, without any coding. Here are some reasons why you should choose FlowForma BPM...

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Proven No Code DPA

 Proven No Code DPA

  • empower process owners to automate processes, without coding or IT skills
  • start deploying processes with speed
  • provide process owners with self-service process automation

FlowForma BPM Enables Power Users

Maximize Microsoft Investments

 Maximize Microsoft Investments

  • FlowForma DPA will integrate directly with your Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 environment
  • enjoy high adoption rates, with FlowForma's familiar SharePoint look and feel

FlowForma BPM is a 3 in 1 tool

Time to Value 

 Time to Value 

  • rapidly prototype and deliver automated processes
  • deliver processes that are relevant from the moment they are enabled
  • utilize forms, workflow and document generation in one tool

Case Studies & Other Stuff

FlowForma and Forrester webinar

UPCOMING WEBINAR - April 19, 2018



FlowForma BPM ebook - Don't just analyze the business process


Don't Just Analyze: Implement Change - By the BPM Experts at AIIM

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FlowForma BPM is Trusted by Many

Used by over 150,000 users across Europe, North America and Asia, FlowForma BPM has proven itself to be the cloud business process management tool of choice.

FlowForma Customer - Grant Thornton
FlowForma BPM Customer - LSTM
FlowForma Customer - Lipman
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