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The Compliance Features, when combined with FlowForma's Forms and Workflow, enable organizations within regulated industries to design and build processes that can be fully certified to meet regulatory requirements on electronic records for e.g. ISO 9001 and 21 CFR Part 11.

The features work to enhance the audit abilities of the FlowForma Process Automation tool, capturing additional data and providing audit histories that are easily examined by auditors.

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Compliance Software for Business Process Automation


Business Process Compliance Features: How it Works

The Compliance Features comprise of three specific areas; e-Signatures, an integrated form audit record and a flow snapshot (a document describing the flow definition). Together, these features provide all the functionality required to validate FlowForma processes to 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. The same features can be used in many other industries, where regulatory compliance is required on the storage of electronic records. 

The Compliance Features enable e-Signatures on step submissions. The default signature is designed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and prompts for role of signatory and purpose for signing as well as the password of the current user.

Alternatively, where Code of Federal Regulation (CRF) compliance is not required, a standard e-Signature is an option which simply requests a password.

Flow Snapshot
The Flow Snapshot allows the user to generate a document describing the content of the Flow Definition (the process template). The snapshot lists out every process step, question and business rule in the Flow.

This feature is aimed at compliance requirements where auditors require a human readable description of the Flow at a set point in time. This is a requirement for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, but is useful across many industries.

Integrated Form Audit Record
The integrated form audit feature captures all actions that happen on a form throughout the process and also stores the audit record within the form. An audit viewer provides a human readable view of the audit record.

Compliance Module Brochure

business process compliance - esignatures - FlowForma


Enables users to construct an environment that can be independently audited against regulatory requirements.

business process compliance - audit records - flowforma

Integrated Form Audit Record

Processes can be designed so that process steps are signed, historical form activity is clearly visible, and a snapshot of the workflow is captured at a specific point in time.

business process compliance - flowforma - flow snapshots

Flow Snapshots

All records can be easily and quickly understood by external auditors, who may not have any prior knowledge of processes in use.

Comply With Ease

Olivia Bushe circle-690264-edited

Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"FlowForma Compliance was developed as an extension to the FlowForma Process Automation tool with additional functionality to enable advanced auditing.

We understand the pressure on organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements, respond quickly to incident queries and report seamlessly. FlowForma Compliance enables organizations to design and build fully certified processes to meet regulatory requirements, while capturing additional data and providing audit histories that can be easily examined.

Feel free to ask our team for a quick demonstration"