HR Departments

The HR department is critical to every business and essential to creating a high performance organization. With employees as its customer, the HR departments goal is to improve the employee experience while managing recruitment, performance management, talent management, and so on.
HR Departments

A highly process driven department, the HR team can often be burdened by administration work, chasing people for updates regarding performance appraisals, annual leave etc. With many companies striving for digital transformation, HR teams are challenged to drive their own digital strategy.

Use HR Process Automation to Add Value to your Team

Start Revolutionizing your HR Processes With Automation

The no code FlowForma Process Automation tool is helping HR departments drive their digital HR strategy by empowering HR professionals with a self-service tool to automate HR processes such as employee onboarding, annual leave and contracts management with speed and flexibility, without any help from IT.  

Now more than ever businesses are relying on our HR departments to ensure that our employees can feel as safe as possible during this turbulent time, nearly every company policy has been affected and needs to be updated for COVID-19 clauses, HR departments now have a lot of work on their plate with very little time.

Browse some use cases and tips below:

HR Process Automation Challenges 

HR Process Automation Challenge 1: HR Onboarding

Often an everyday process for large organizations, we’re surprised how many companies don’t have their employee process automated. Our clients who utilize the FlowForma Process Automation to automate their onboarding process are benefiting from the efficiencies of having a standardized online process, and new hires are empowered with the tools, training and systems they need, when they need them.


FlowForma - HR workflow app

HR Process Automation Challenge 2: Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a time consuming and tedious process across all sectors, often amplified in larger firms. A number of organizations are utilizing FlowForma Process Automation to automate and accelerate this process, providing clear visibility to employees and managers regarding next steps and giving Heads of HR full visibility with regards to status, bottlenecks etc. Some customers have rolled out self-assessment through the tool, where results are instantly received by HR.


FlowForma - HR process automation tool

HR Process Automation Challenge 3: Annual Leave

The FlowForma Process Automation tool can be used to streamline your Annual Leave process with intelligent HR workflow management. By bringing this process online, you can remove the HR burden of unstandardized leave requests, excels sheets and providing employees with leave balance data. With FlowForma Process Automation, the employee experience is improved with mobile app access for leave requests while on the move, clear visibility of leave taken and remaining balance with instant notification of leave approval etc.


FlowForma - HR business process automation

Customer Feedback

"We rebuilt a performance appraisal process in around a week, as opposed to the month we would have needed with the old application – that’s a 75% efficiency improvement – and we’ve ended up with something much better than what we had before."

- David Pritchard, Systems Analyst, Eurofound