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Organizations across every sector use FlowForma Process Automation to improve business processes and unlock a talent for successful digital transformation.

Using An Acorn Approach for Widespread Process Automation

FlowForma Process Automation is an acorn application. A simple step in business Acorns-1transformation grows into something much bigger, changing the culture of a company and encouraging innovation.

Our no code process automation software empowers employees to take control of the way they work, collaborate more effectively, eradicate silos that slow them down and accelerate digital transformation.

Don’t just take our word for it!
Dustin Ray, Business Process Analyst, talks about the increasing adoption of FlowForma by enthusiastic employees in McKinley Irvin:

“I’ve been involved with a lot of change management projects and it’s not
often you see that willingness to adopt new processes.”


Addressing Boardroom Challenges Re Digital Transformation

Despite 70% of companies failing to navigate digital transformation successfully, more than 80% are planning to accelerate their digital transformation plans.1 The benefits are clear to the boardroom – improved performance, competitive advantage – but realizing them is hard.

Things that go wrong with digital transformation are precisely the problems that FlowForma avoids:

Challenge  1: Employee resistance to change leads to poor adoption of digital solutions     

FowForma Process Automation is self-service software that lets employees shape the way they work to make their jobs easier, engaging them from the outset by delivering positive change.


Challenge 2: Transformation projects are overly ambitious with unrealistic goals     

FlowForma enables widespread transformation with lines of business seeing productivity gains and pushing for more in a self-service cycle of continuous improvement


Challenge 3: It’s hard to get new tech to work on old tech with broken processes     

FlowForma Process Automation bypasses legacy and cuts to the chase of business change, breaking down silos without getting bogged down in systems integration.


Challenge 4: The organization lacks the digital skills to make digital transformation happen     

FlowForma is no code software for do-it-yourself process change, which means business units can innovate without having to depend on IT or external contractors.


1 2020 Research by The Boston Consulting Group


Sharpening Minds, Unleashing Innovation 

FlowForma makes creative innovation a part of everyday work. Regardless of sector, we hear light bulb icon white no background
of the same phenomena from all our customers. Our intuitive digital toolset encourages innovation and creativity, empowering people to make improvements in critical areas of the business.   


“There has been a lot of uptake, different teams looking to use it, and we have a long list of processes people want to digitize.”MicrosoftTeams-image (4)-1


Lampros Arvanitis, CVB JV

Blog: Get Your Back Office In Shape - Automation In Construction

Aon_Logo_White_RGBFinancial Services

“We can now build a fully functional process in less than a day, which is much preferable to a six-month project.”


Robbie Molloy, Aon


"FlowForma gained us time for sure, but transparency and completeness have been the main benefits. It's a fantastic tool.”

------------Vestergaard logo

Sergio Ferraz, Vestergaard

 Blog: Changing The Way Healthcare Works


“As soon as FlowForma delivered a couple of high profile wins, everyone started to think about their own practices and how they could make them cross-departmental and improve them.”

Martyn Coleman, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Transformation: How To Start

Digital transformation starts with top-down leadership, but success will depend on buy-in from change champions across the organization. This is why FlowForma is a great tool for enterprise-wide transformation. The people and business units that use the processes are willing enablers of change – because it makes their jobs easier – and C-suite management the beneficiaries as the organization takes significant steps on its digital transformation journey.

Gartner says process reengineering and optimization are becoming critical organizational skills that will reduce costs, drive productivity, improve compliance and accelerate digital transformation. Forrester makes the case for no code development bringing continuous improvement to the digital age, where app ideas flow freely and experiments are normal. 

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