Top 10 Strategic Business Outcomes You Can Expect From Using FlowForma Process Automation

  • Competitive advantage via process innovation and agility

  • Improved productivity and savings from digitization

  • Better customer and employee experiences from optimized processes
  • Accelerated digital transformation from widespread automation
  • A culture of continuous business improvement from citizen development

  • A single source of data truth and smarter decisions
  • Reduced risk from automated regulatory compliance processes

  • A connected workforce powered by the cloud and seamless integration
  • Elimination of email/excel based processes
  • Return on investment achieved <6 weeks


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Achieve Serious Savings

FlowForma customers have reaped serious savings from empowering key people to digitize key processes:

> $80,000 saved on a material requisition process

> 6,000 hours of administration saved by digitizing 5 key processes

> 40 significant processes digitized <10 weeks of onboarding

> 75% increase in how fast processes are deployed

>700 man hours saved by a joint venture in under a year

> 75% reduction in the number of emails sent on one task alone

> 100,000 sheets of paper saved by a European hospital from digitizing one process alone

> 50% decrease in customer complaints on one process

FlowForma Digitize 5X Faster Icon Pink & Purple GradientFlowForma Process Automation Is Your Fastest Path To Success: 

>5X faster than any low code digital process automation tools
>10X faster than traditional business process management projects

Some Processes Digitized by FlowForma Customers

IN HR...

- Annual leave
- Performance review 
- Joiners/leavers

Outcomes Webpage - In Finance

In Finance 
- Expense management 
- Onboarding

Outcomes Webpage - In Health and Safety

In Health & Safety
- Risk management 
- Incident management
- Safety checklist

Outcomes Webpage - In IT

- Change management 
- Asset management
- Ticketing

Outcomes Webpage - In Customer Service

In Customer Service 
- Onboarding
- Client engagement 
- Customer renewals 

Outcomes Webpage - In Compliance-1

In Compliance 
- Contract management 
- Emissions reporting 
- Regulatory compliance

Why Choose FlowForma Process Automation?

no-code business process management with FlowForma

100% No Code
FlowForma was 1st to market with a 100% no-code process automation tool for business and IT leaders.

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Forrester Recognition
FlowForma is recognized as one of top DPA providers by Forrester Research Inc. in ‘Now Tech: Digital Process Automation, Q4 2021’.

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Rapid ROI
FlowForma customers deliver rapid ROI by digitizing more than 50 processes a year, driving productivity and cost savings.