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"With FlowForma Process Automation, we have automated over 76 processes, saving us days of effort. We were previously scanning several thousand paper-based records a week, now all of our data comes into the system automatically allowing us to spend more time focusing on the project and achieving the goals and KPIs that were defined from the outset."

James Morgan, IT Manager, A14 Joint Venture

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How The Construction Industry Is Benefiting From Using Digital Solutions
To Transform Productivity & Project Delivery

Contact us to hear examples of how construction companies are digitizing processes such as Material Requisitions, Site Visits and Dig Permits, to gain rapid adoption and return on investment.

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Reduced IT Cost
Professional services savings guaranteed with a no-code process automation tool
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Remove Paper Processes
Capture data electronically and generate documents as needed
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Keep Track 
Monitor progress and performance across teams and gain visibility of every process in your project
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Access Anywhere
Provide real time status updates to mobiles on site or desktops in the office 

Share Information 
Pass information instantly between resources to ensure transparency and collaboration
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Easy Adoption 
Award winning user interface, minimal training and premium support

Central Reporting 
Capture data and task performance metrics centrally 
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Improve Quality 
Check accuracy when the data is entered and ensure correct procedures are followed

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How Construction Organizations Add Value with FlowForma Process Automation

  Enabling Self-Regulation

With construction bodies challenged to self-regulate, a number of organizations have deployed FlowForma Process Automation, to support rapid deployment of online processes, which can be easily audited. Processes can be designed so that process steps are signed, historical form activity is clearly visible, and a snapshot of the workflow design can be captured at a specific point in time

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  Permit to Dig  

The 'Permit to Dig' process is traditionally an approval request procedure that involves downloading a document, printing it, filling it in and then distributing throughout a team. With FlowForma Process Automation it can become an automated electric process which provides a lot more functionality, improved quality and increased efficiency.

   Mobile Accessible Processes

Mobile access is essential to construction bodies, who need their staff to input processes from challenging locations. FlowForma Process Automation empowers users with highly secure access to forms and processes, while on the move. If internet is unavailable, users can avail of off-line mode. E-signature functionality on the mobile app, provides additional security for FlowForma users. 

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  Effective Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, evaluating and monitoring risk is of upmost importance to construction bodies. Many have turned to FlowForma software to manage risks associated with onsite projects. Using FlowForma Process Automation, these organizations can have a comprehensive view of risks, a better chance to identify risks earlier and make better decisions. 


Some Sample Use Cases 

  • Permit to dig
  • Site visit requests
  • Joiners and leavers
  • Labor requests
  • Material requisition 

  • Safety equipment request
  • New employee referral 
  • IT project requests 
  • Field change request
  • Risk management 


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