Fast, Secure, Automated Document Generation

FlowForma is a unique digital process automation tool that combines forms, workflow and document generation in an all-in-one no code platform.


FlowForma Document Generation empowers users to simply and quickly automate document generation at scale. Users are equipped to remove manual documents and replace them with elegantly crafted designs in Microsoft Word - accessible and automated with the click of a button.


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FlowForma Customers benefitting from Document Generation include:
FlowForma Customers benefitting from document generation


Automated Document Generation
    Fig 1 - Example of Document generated from data collected

Automate Your Document Generation At Scale

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Accelerate your digitalization to drive efficiency, reduce cost and drive business growth.
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Generate a wide range of electronic documents to complement electronic forms. 
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Quickly configure elegant templates using our no code Word add-in. 
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Include any content from processes, data, tables, images, signatures etc.
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Distribute documents securely and easily convert to PDFs. 
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Facilitates variable legal contracts, product briefs, sales proposals etc.

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Jimmy Monahan

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"There are huge time-savings, which leads to cost savings, and that allows us to take on almost twice as many deliverables as we normally would!"


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