Re-imagining External Processes  

Imagine enabling external parties such as suppliers, customers, contractors/subcontractors and external stakeholders (including the general public) to input directly to your business processes? It would probably make your life a lot easier, and with increased remote working it removes the pain associated with untouched paperwork at offices.

Step into a world where customers can complete steps in an insurance policy renewal, members of the public can kick off an e Vetting process online, and suppliers can be onboarded quickly and input to processes.

It's with this in mind, that we innovated FlowForma Engage, to enable your external users to securely and seamlessly complete steps within your business processes

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e-Vetting, Onboarding Automation & Document Approval Workflows

Sample Use Cases

  • Customer feedback - allow your customers to give you feedback on your services
  • Supplier onboarding - onboard your suppliers efficiently, ensuring that all the necessary data is captured before internal processing
  • External approvals - allow people outside of your organization to view and approve data and documents
  • Contractors/Subcontractors - allow contractors to get onboarded and input to processes rapidly
  • Police e Vetting - allow people and businesses to be vetted before doing business with you
  • Contractor agreements - request and record contractual agreements 
  • Tender Response Management - seamlessly manage responses, scoring and selection - see related eBook

How it Works

FlowForma Engage is a service that allows external stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, customers, even the general public) to access forms using a unique web link, that can be placed on a public website or sent in an email.

You can design processes using our no-code tool so that any step can be made accessible externally.

Process steps can be made anonymous or securely assigned to a specific user, using their Microsoft, Gmail or Facebook account details. When a user is completing an assigned step, they must log in to their relevant provider before FlowForma will allow them access to the step… as if they were part of your internal team, but without the need for them to have direct access to your Office 365 environment!


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Business Vetting Process - FlowForma


Secure Engage Step
the benefits of business vetting - FlowForma process automation

The Benefits

✓ processes are completed quicker (no paper delays)
✓ processes can be inputted to, from anywhere on any device
✓ improved customer experiences
✓ data can be validated as the user enters it
✓ documents can be generated based on the data inputted
✓ information is automatically passed to the internal system with no need for re-keying

Adding Value For Business Managers & Their Customers

Shay circle

Shay O'Connor

Head of Solutions, FlowForma

"We built FlowForma Engage to enable our customers to engage external stakeholders to input to their business processes.

For the business, i
t empowers them to get processes completed quicker - as external users can seamlessly complete their process steps with less delays, they can also quickly generate documents from the data inputted by the external party.

For the external party, it provides them with a positive customer experience -  self service and no delays."