Successful Digital Transformation In Education

The 100% no-code FlowForma Process Automation tool is used globally by educators to automate processes such as auditing, attendance, grading and scheduling. Helping those in education to reduce time on administrative responsibilities and focus more time on educating students.

Our all-in-one (forms, workflow, analytics, and doc gen) process automation tool replaces repetitive mundane tasks to boost productivity and efficiency. It's praised by education firms for its easy adoption and rapid time to value! 

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Kickstart Digital Transformation In Education And Save 5,000+ Hours
With FlowForma Process Automation

Working with organization within the Education Sector, we understand their challenges when it comes to cutting down on costs, increasing operational efficiency and meeting increased customer/student demands.

Savings Guaranteed - Gradient Background

Reduced IT Cost
Professional services savings with a special education bundle
Paper Process

Remove Paper Processes
Capture data electronically and generate documents when needed
5000 hours Icon V3

Time Savings 
Optimize resources with tangible time savings
Multiple Stakeholders Gradient

Distributed Stakeholders
Connect multiple stakeholders across numerous campus sites
Governance Gradient

Improved Governance
Electronic flows provide greater visibility and transparency
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Easy Adoption 
Award winning user interface, minimal training and premium support

Central Reporting 
Capture data and task performance metrics centrally 
Incident V2

Accident & Incident Reporting
Identify recurring safety issues with real-time data

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  • You'll get an education-specific:
    • User interface
    • Landing page
    • Dashboards

  • User training program
  • On boarding program
    • You'll get 6 education processes ready for roll out:
      • Incident/accident near miss
      • Risk assessment
      • Trips and visits 
      • Stationery ordering 
      • Expense claims
      • Student update

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How Educational Institutions Add Value with FlowForma Process Automation

  Increasing Operational Effectiveness

Educational Institutions are looking to bring their paper based processes online, the FlowForma Process Automation tool enables organizations in this sector to prototype, test and deploy processes faster. Processes can be measured using dashboards with real time data to provide visibility of where a process lies, ultimately saving significant time and money for organizations in the education sector.

  Trips and Visits Process

A 'Trips and Visits' process commonly requires sign off on student excursions from managerial personnel, across various departments within the institution. Such processes are often completed using paper and as a result, plagued by bottlenecks due to lost and incomplete forms. With FlowForma Process Automation these requests can be turned around in less than a day rather than weeks.

  Read how a college saved 1,655 hours on this process alone

 Continuous Business Improvement

Organizations in the Education sector using the FlowForma Process Automation tool can compile a thorough analysis of data, using several reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), to help identify spikes for further investigation. Consistency in this data makes it much easier to generate reports and offers a vast increase in transparency and visibility for business users.

  Read how Abingdon & Witney College achieved this

  Empowering New Efficiencies

The FlowForma Process Automation tool has significantly advanced business efficiencies to Educational Institutions. Simple actions such as pre-configured fields or drop-down list in the tool, like injuries in an Accident and Incident process, can play an integral role in kickstarting your digital transformation journey in education. 

Some Sample Use Cases 

  • Trips and visits
  • Student update forms
  • Target/student risk assessments
  • Accident & incident reporting
  • Expense claims
  • Stationary ordering
  • Grant application
  • Employee onboarding
  • Innovation
  • Recruitment