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AI-Powered Processes: FlowForma’s AI Workflow Automation Transforms Industries

By Mirza Mehdi Posted on: November 7, 2023

In this blog post, we are about to embark on a journey through the cutting-edge realm of FlowForma..

The Cost of Not Digitalizing Your Business Processes

By Shay O'Connor Posted on: October 20, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of digitalization cannot be..

Digital Process Automation Technology – Fast Facts You Need To Know

By Niamh Lordan Posted on: October 5, 2023

With process automation becoming a strategic priority for organizations across the globe, I wanted..

5 Key Trends For Digitalization In The Construction Industry

By Paul Stone Posted on: October 2, 2023

There is a race to digitalize in construction. The industry is embracing new technologies at speed,..

Deploying A Digital Process Automation Strategy: The C-Suite Trump Card in The Digital Age

By Olivia Bushe, CEO Posted on: September 21, 2023

As I have participated in multiple online panel discussions, attended industry events across the..

Building Safety Act 2022: Demystifying Facts & Deploying A 6-Week Digitalisation Roadmap For Compliance

By Patrick Naughton Posted on: August 29, 2023

This blog quickly demystifies what you need to know about the Building Safety Act (2022),..

Unleashing the Power of Business Process Automation in Energy, Oil & Gas – A Recap of OPEX Calgary 2023

By Alison Brannigan Posted on: July 31, 2023

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the much-anticipated Calgary Operational Excellence..

Why a Business Process Automation Tool is Key to Success in the Digital Age

By Conor McGrath Posted on: July 14, 2023

Automation isn't just a fleeting trend. It's a powerful wave that's rolling, brewing, and gearing..

4 Ways To Improve Your Construction Processes And Get Instant Results

By Rebecca McManus Posted on: July 13, 2023

In construction, it’s almost impossible to avoid project overruns altogether, but there are ways to

Digital Process Automation (DPA) Software: The Ultimate Guide To Successful Digitalization

By Conor McGrath Posted on: July 6, 2023

Adopting digital technologies and automating simple business processes may have once been..

10 Trends for Driving Digitalization in Energy, Oil and Gas

By Paul Stone Posted on: June 26, 2023

Like the raw materials it produces, the energy, oil and gas industry is under an immense amount of..

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