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It’s Time to Accelerate Your Processes

In the fast-paced automotive industry, digitalization and innovation are essential for staying competitive. FlowForma Process Automation is the tool that accelerates this transformation.

Our tool is proven to streamline and accelerate processes across the entire organization. Everything from HR and finance, to stock management, quality inspections, and customer service.

In a time when skills are short, resilience is essential and competition is high, automotive manufacturers and retailers are leveraging process automation technologies to address these challenges effectively, enhance overall efficiency, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

FlowForma Process Automation is the go-to choice for automotive leaders such as:

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Process Automation For Automotive

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Sample Processes Our Automotive Clients Are Digitalizing

  • Once our automotive clients digitalize one process there tends to be a domino effect and they quickly realize the possibilities are endless. As no coding is required personnel are creating new workflows within a few hours to standardize processes and provide the levels of consistency that are expected at a minimum.
  • In the HR department the benefits of automating onboarding, offboarding, training, uniform requests, and system access processes not to mention performance reviews and leave requests save a significant amount of time and offer a level of transparency that keeps everyone on track.
  • Similarly in the finance team, employees have a clear view of purchase orders, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, and consistent sales processes are in place providing the data required at the touch of a button. 
  • Digitalization does not end there, however. Pre-service recall checks, stock and inventory management, customer and supplier onboarding, health and safety, and compliance processes all benefit from digitalization. 

Automotive Process Automation Use Cases


Outcomes From Process Digitalization In The Automotive Industry

  Drives Digitalization  

The new and used motor industry is a hyper-competitive industry that needs to excel at customer service while streamlining processes with logistics, manufacturers, and suppliers. FlowForma Process Automation automates manual processes across the entire dealership lifecycle, accelerating business growth, whilst creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
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  Collaboration Across Multiple Divisions

FlowForma Process Automation drives digitalization throughout the organization by assigning tasks, gathering data, issuing communications, and measuring progress. Collaborative process automation tools improve visibility and eradicate inaccurate information of vehicle inventories across sites, and assist in the batch ordering of vehicles and spare parts.


  Helps Auto Manufacturers Accelerate Innovation

With increased customer expectations, FlowForma Process Automation is assisting the auto manufacturing and retail industry to provide better quality, productivity and positive customer outcomes. Process digitalization helps accelerate innovation, drive process efficiency, and ensure compliance.

  Supply Chain Management

FlowForma Process Automation is enabling auto retail and manufacturers to manage and streamline the delivery from distributor to dealer of vehicle stock. Supply Chain Managers are benefitting from cost savings and transparency from digitalizing this process.



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Why The Automotive Industry Chooses FlowForma

  • Gain an advantage in a hyper-competitive market 
  • Help deliver a world-class customer service 
  • Drive cost savings and optimize operational performance 
  • Accelerate digitalization of the business  
  • Empower intelligent data-driven decision making
  • An intuitive and flexible Microsoft 365 app
  • Enables cross-departmental knowledge sharing and streamlines data
  • It is a no code, logic only solution that empowers citizen process managers to build out digitalized processes rapidly
  • It is a cost-effective solution and delivers rapid ROI
  • It maximizes existing SharePoint investments