About FlowForma Process Automation

The 3-in-1 tool (forms, workflow, doc gen) uniquely empowers businesspeople to rapidly digitize business processes, without any coding and minimal IT involvement.

Customers are live with digital processes, empowered and self-sufficient within four weeks of onboarding. Users rapidly reap ROI, gain resilience and drive innovation.

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Product Overview

No Code Process Management - FlowForma - workflow management tools benefits and features

No Code
Automate processes without any coding required
Forms & Workflow - FlowForma - workflow management tools benefits and features

Forms & Workflow 

Seamless forms & workflow management in one integrated solution
Document Generation - FlowForma - workflow management tools benefits and features

Doc Gen 
Create unlimited documents from your process data
Engage External users - FlowForma- workflow management tools benefits and features

FlowForma Engage 
Empower external users to engage in your processes

FlowForma Analytics
Propel your intelligence with advanced reporting
Connect - FlowForma - workflow management tools benefits and features

FlowForma Integrations 
Easily connect FlowForma to thousands of other systems
FlowForma - no code workflow management tools  

Forms, Workflow & Document Generation - In One Integrated Tool

Digital Process Automation tool FlowForma, uniquely combines forms, workflow and document generation in one integrated tool. As a single tool for building forms and workflow, it increases the efficiency of building solutions and ultimately drives user acceptance.

With document generation also included, Business Managers can seamlessly create documents from the data collected within their business processes.

FlowForma - No Code Workflow Management Tools Software for Microsoft Office 365

Designed for You - No Code

FlowForma Process Automation is designed to be configured by the people who understand your business needs. Businesspeople, process enthusiasts and analysts are all examples of people who use our Flow Designer tool to quickly create complete process apps. All businesspeople should be empowered to digitize processes in house, with a digital process automation tool trusted by IT, and FlowForma makes this possible.

Forget 'low code', discover NO code! Learn more..

FlowForma - 3 in one workflow management tools for Office 365  

Rich in Features

In addition to forms, workflow management and document generation, the FlowForma Process Automation tool is an end-to-end solution that empowers you to enable external stakeholders to input to your processes, pull and push data with other systems, empower teams to improve collaboration and make better decisions faster. FlowForma Process Automation integrates directly with your Microsoft SharePoint/ Office 365 environment to leverage all the benefits that this powerful collaboration platform provides.

How it Works - 
No Code, Only Logic

FlowForma Process Automation allows process owners to take control of the configuration of all aspects of the process by using the Flow Designer to define process steps, questions and business rules.

Once a process template is defined, the process can be executed repeatedly. Process performance can be monitored, comparing actual process durations against benchmarks. Individual instances of poorly performing processes can be investigated, as all information on the process is stored within the form on SharePoint.

The flexibility of FlowForma Process Automation allows both simple and complex processes to be implemented, involving sequential or parallel steps. Connected processes can run in multiple SharePoint sites, serving multiple resource pools.

FlowForma Process Automation can interact with data stored in SharePoint and external systems, pushing and pulling information to and from the external systems and the form. FlowForma is therefore ideal for SharePoint process automation tasks. This reduces the effort of completion as information can be automatically filled in as the workflow progresses.

FlowForma Engage empowers you to engage customers and suppliers in your digital business processes such as onboarding and vetting.

FlowForma Collaborate provides organizations with additional features and functionality, to enable cross-functional teams to collaborate on strategic initiatives in a secure, collaborative and mobile way. 

Discover the Benefits

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FlowForma BPM - no code business automation and workflow management tools

Did You Know?

man with tool icon - FlowForma workflow management tools

Engage External Users
Empower your business to enable external users such as customers, suppliers etc. to input to business processes such as onboarding and vetting.

stop watch icon - - FlowForma workflow management tools    

Activity Monitoring 
Enable users to visually identify bottlenecks in their business processes or Service Level Assignments that are not successfully met.

syncing icon - - FlowForma workflow management tools  

Automate Anywhere, Anytime
The mobile app has an easy interface and allows users to enter data and progress business processes while working remotely and when offline.

binoculars icon - - FlowForma workflow management tools

Microsoft Teams App
Enjoy full visibility of tasks, decision making capabilities while empowering users to instantly access processes awaiting their input.

A Word From FlowForma's Product Strategist

Paul Stone circle pink outline

Paul Stone

Product Strategist, 

"FlowForma Process Automation is a no code tool for citizen developers to build process-centric solutions, we were 1st to market with such a tool. Uniquely, 99% of FlowForma users deploy processes, without any code.

If you can draw your process, you’ll be able to digitize it with FlowForma Process Automation – our Visual Flow Designer, Process Validator, Process Assistant and Process Accelerators make digitization easy for businesspeople. While FlowForma Governance provides IT with the functionality to empower process managers, in a controlled manner."

Don’t take my word for it – see what our users have to say on G2!

Migrating From InfoPath To FlowForma
Is A Piece Of Cake

With support for InfoPath ceasing in 2026, FlowForma has simplified the InfoPath forms migration challenge for clients, by developing a unique InfoPath migration tool. This tool enables users to accelerate the migration of business process steps and fields to the FlowForma Process Automation environment. Watch our webinar on this topic.

Read our InfoPath Migration Brochure