Helping You Connect Data From Multiple Sources

FlowForma Process Automation (All-in-one tool integrating forms, workflow, analytics, and document generation) empowers organizations to connect to thousands of systems and applications. We understand the need to use multiple tools and the importance to be able to pull and push data between your digital process automation tool and the many other applications your teams use. With FlowForma Process automation you can seamlessly send and receive data at any step in your processes.

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The Benefits

✓ Connect to thousands of applications
✓ Seamlessly exchange data and documents into business processes
✓ Increase accuracy and ensure consistency of data between systems
✓ Improve the speed at which 3rd party systems can be updated
✓ Reduce admin time with pre-populated forms and minimize pass-backs
✓ Improved process efficiency and security
✓ Faster and greater return on investment

FlowForma Integration Options

FlowForma Process Automation is a cloud-native platform that operates on the Microsoft Azure service. A user can configure integrations using any of the methods below. 

SQL Staging Database 

The SQL Staging Database method is useful in many scenarios. For example, a SQL database can be used to store master data, the data can then be used across many processes or transferred to multiple other systems. Questions on a FlowForma form can be easily mapped to input and output parameters in the stored procedure, allowing a bidirectional exchange of information. SQL database can also be used to store data for reporting/analytics.

FlowForma No Code Web API 

The FlowForma no-code Web API system allows users to communicate with any REST or SOAP-based API. This method covers over 10,000 COTs applications and any application where you may have built (or can build) a bespoke Web API.

The No Code Web API system was designed as the most productive way to build integrations with Web API’s with rapid configuration compared to a coded solution.

FlowForma Extensibility Framework

The FlowForma Extensibility Framework allows users to create product extensions. Product extensions are coded in JavaScript, utilizing the FlowForma Web API to interact with forms and FlowForma UI widgets to present a fully integrated end-user interface. The framework allows for ultimate flexibility in terms of adding new functionality to the FlowForma Process Automation tool and the end user experience, providing the most efficient and effective solution to a given scenario. Product extensions can be additional question types (UI/Data components) or business rules (conditional actions). 

Integrate FlowForma Process Automation With:

- Your existing business systems, either on-premise or in the cloud to lookup and update information directly from your process flows.

- Your ERP, CRM or HR application to look up or update key information to improve data quality and save time.

- Microsoft 365 to create and save documents, schedule meetings, and send emails automatically. 

- Any cloud application or service that provides a standard interface with no code

A Digital World, For The People, By The People

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Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"Here at FlowForma, we're committed to a creating a digital world for the people, by the people.

Knowing that our customers wanted to connect FlowForma Process Automation to other apps they use, it was important for our team to develop seamless integration. This innovation now empowers our community to connect their business processes to over 1,000 apps, so the possibilities are completely endless from setting up triggers, to kicking-off processes with data from other apps or sending data from FlowForma Process Automation to your team's favorite applications.

Feel free to ask our team for a quick demonstration."