Discover The Digital Process Automation Benefits of FlowForma

FlowForma® Process Automation is designed to be configured by the people who understand your business needs. Business consultants, power users, business analysts are all examples of people who use our Flow Designer tool to quickly create complete solutions on the SharePoint platform.

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Discover Business Process Automation Benefits With FlowForma

FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - enablement


A key benefit of the FlowForma Process Automation tool is that it enables business change, by allowing rapid prototyping of no code business solutions. This can be configured by the process owner or business decision maker, with an intuitive user interface to encourage adoption.

FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - agility


Processes are delivered quickly, so that they are relevant from the moment they are enabled. There are features to monitor and refine the processes, when resource changes or external factors necessitate change.

  • At least ten times faster delivery of working solutions
  • Perfect for prototyping, ensuring the production process is right first time
  • Facilitates process evolution
  • InfoPath conversion utility to accelerate conversion of legacy InfoPath solutions
Inflight for benefits page	FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - inflight process change

Inflight Process Change

Processes are adapted to the circumstances. Each time the process executes, business rules adjust resource assignments, data collection, steps executed, and communications generated, so that every process is tailored to the specific circumstances at that time.

  • Each execution of the workflow is unique
  • The workflow and form adapts based on the data collected
  • Workflows can interact so that actions in different resource pools can impact each other
FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - visibility


The user is presented with a full view of the process, its current status, future steps and past history. Process performance can be compared to benchmarks, with bottlenecks identified and investigated. Automated communications can be generated to drive resources to complete assigned steps. All information captured throughout the process is available for reporting.

  • Ability to create relationships between parent and multiple child forms
  • Allows all resources involved in achieving the process goal to see the full history of the process and its current status
  • Communicates internally and externally to drive
    processes forward
Transparency for benefits page	FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - transparency


Access to FlowForma Process Automation is achieved via SharePoint security. All process steps are assigned to specific resources and the workflow record is stamped with their unique credentials when steps are completed.

  • All digital process automation services steps are assigned to resources
  • Contributions from resources are stored in the form
  • Workflow progression is stored in the form, with a record of who did what and when
FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - Value for money

Value for Money

FlowForma's digital process automation software combines several functions (forms, workflow, document generation, and mobile accessibility) into one no code toolThis single tool seamlessly integrates functions which increases the efficiency of both building solutions and ultimately delivering user acceptance.

  • Integration of workflow, forms, and communications increases configuration productivity
  • Easy to use end-user interface reduces the number of clicks required to enter data and progress workflow
  • Only pay for active users
  • Minimize costly professional services and consultant fees
FlowForma Business Process Automation Benefits - collaborative & informed decision making

Collaborative & Informed Decision Making

The FlowForma Process Automation tool uniquely supports decision-making functionality within the workflow/form. Resources can be identified as voters and information collected during a workflow can be presented in a single view, where each voter may cast their vote based on the information presented to them at that time and optionally record their rationale. Voting results are presented in a graphical and tabular format on a summary process step.

  • Have a single-pane view of all relevant information
  • Multiple voters may review and cast their votes
  • An overall controller initiates, reviews, and closes the vote
  • Votes may be public or private

What Our Customers Say

''We've experienced plenty of business process automation benefits thanks to FlowForma such as transparency and visibility that we didn’t have before, and a consistency in the data that makes it much easier to generate reports.

It encourages everyone to act far more professionally than when we depended on paper. You can’t submit half filled-in boxes because the system won’t let you. Even little things, like the better understanding it gives people of their own cost centre, helps improve the professionalism of the organization.''

- Mark Lay, Finance Director, Abingdon & Witney College