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Empowering the NHS to Digitalise at Speed

The need to digitise workflows at speed, drive efficiency, report on data, and customise workflows has become a priority within the NHS to stay ahead of the curve.

To accelerate process automation within the NHS, FlowForma has a set of out-of-the-box fully editable common process templates. These help Hospitals and Trusts to digitise processes with speed and flexibility and encourage adoption across all departments. Users can benefit from process templates such as:

 - Monthly Housekeeping Inspection
 - Hospital to Hospital Transfer Referral Form
 - Incident Reporting
 - IT Request
 - Theatre Notes
 - Transfer Request
 - Waiting List Card
 - Consent For Release Of Information

NHS Process Templates

Watch this short video to understand how FlowForma Process Automation unlocks digital transformation in Healthcare with out-of-the-box process templates


Our Healthcare Customers Include

NHS Common Process Automation Use Cases

NHS Trusts and Hospitals have multiple use cases for process automation. The ultimate goal is complete digitalisation, but many prioritise the processes that are the most labour-intensive or ones that need the most transparency and where bottlenecks can be identified and addressed quickly. Process automation can be used in many scenarios whether they are back-office/operational or those processes that capture data when staff are patient-facing.

When hospitals and trusts automate their initial processes, they see the speed and agility of FlowForma - automating workflows in hours or days and enabling a data-driven approach to decision-making. Historically this often took weeks or months to complete or indeed failed and never got off the ground. 

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Customer Feedback

Shaun Bucknill
Head of ICT & Acting Deputy CIO Blackpool Logo circle copy-1

"For us, it was about leveraging the national tenant to gain further efficiencies and adopting an internet-first approach to cyber security.

FlowForma was part of our core PASA (Provisioning and System Access) solutions and the ability to create workflows quickly with governance from IT, without being reliant on them, is critical as we seek to further automate in other areas."

Why the NHS Choose FlowForma

FlowForma was awarded a place on the NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) framework, for the provision of its FlowForma Process Automation tool to members of the NHS across the United Kingdom.

The NHS is faced with many challenges including resourcing, budget, security, and the inability to make decisions in a timely manner. The need to digitalise processes is becoming more of a priority to ensure that hospitals and trusts can work efficiently, report accurately, and make decisions confidently all while maintaining the highest standard of care for patients.

Some of the main reasons that the NHS choose FlowForma >>

  • An approved vendor for workflow automation on NHS shared tenancy 'N365' 
  • It empowers business experts to build their own processes
  • It follows LEAN principles
  • It provides complete process visibility and highlights bottlenecks
  • It enables cross-departmental knowledge sharing
  • It is a no-code, logic only tool
  • It is an all-in-one toolkit, with forms, workflow, analytics, and document generation
  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • Its intuitive user interface encourages adoption
  • It provides better reporting
  • The elimination of paper supports a sustainable healthcare system 

Power BI Incident Reporting with FlowForma Process AutomationFlowForma's Power BI Incident Reporting Tool

Experience Rapid ROI

We encourage our NHS clients to initially address processes that are time-intensive and take key personnel away from important patient-facing time. By reducing the time spent on repetitive administrative tasks, health workers are enabled to focus on better patient outcomes -the ultimate goal of any organisation in the healthcare space. Other tangible benefits include:

  • Save > £70,000 per significant process
  • Deliver a 16% carbon footprint reduction
  • Digitalise 70+ processes a year 
  • Save over 905,000 sheets of paper 

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