Transform Your Business
With Widespread Process Automation

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Recorded: February 22, 2022



Webinar Recording: Transform Your Business With Widespread Process Automation

Process automation and optimization are critical organizational skills to reduce costs, drive productivity, and accelerate digital transformation.

On February 22, FlowForma hosted an exclusive webinar featuring a panel of real-world FlowForma customers who are taking control of the way they work, collaborating more effectively, and eradicating silos to accelerate digital transformation.

This webinar explored how a simple step in business transformation can grow into something much bigger, changing the culture of a company and encouraging innovation.

If you are responsible for digital transformation in your organization, then this webinar recording is a must-watch!

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Webinar Highlights

- Learn how FlowForma customers identified process automation as a way to accelerate digital transformation.

- Discover how these organizations went about scaling digitization and created a culture of continuous improvement.

- Hear inspiring success stories and practical examples of how these customers cured long standing pain points and now innovate with cross-functional business processes.

- Understand how you too can navigate digital transformation successfully with the FlowForma Process Automation tool.




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