Operation Departments

The role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) is vital in any organization. It’s not just about ‘keeping the lights on’. 

Operations departments are constantly looking to optimize the running of the business by smoothing out the edges and hiring the right people. Chief Operations Officers want to add value by affecting change, instead of getting consumed by change.
Operation Departments

It’s unlikely that an Operations team has no operational challenges. ‘If we can measure it, we can improve it’, but what if you can’t see the bottlenecks? Operations teams are constantly under pressure concerning staff cost, which is why so many of FlowForma’s customers have optimized their workforce by empowering their process owners within each department to build, manage, improve and quickly report on business processes with this no-code, logic only workflow tool.

How Can FlowForma Add Value to your Operations Team?

Start Driving Daily Efficiencies

The FlowForma Process Automation tool can address your standard everyday operational processes that can be a headache for your business reports in HR, IT and Finance. Browse common Operational problems below to discover how these can be solved with a workflow tool.

Process Challenge 1: Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews can be a headache for HR departments to manage and very time consuming – alleviate this pain, enable process visibility and free up valuable HR resources by automating your Performance Review process with FlowForma Process automation.


FlowForma BPM - performance appraisal form

Process Challenge 2: Expenses Management

A common problem for organizations with expenses management, is capturing receipts on the go – which is what the ever mobile workforce expects! With FlowForma Process Automation, mobile access is easy. Simply build the process, then add the employees you wish to access mobile expenses via the FlowForma Mobile Centre.


FlowForma BPM - expenses management

Process Challenge 3: Capital Expenditure Approvals

Lack of visibility for all parties is often a common issue with the Capital Expenditure Approval process. At FlowForma, we recommend bringing this process online and giving everyone the access they need to cut down on those repetitive queries.  


FlowForma - capital expenditure process

Process Challenge 4: IT Change Management

For highly regulated industries, I.T. change management can be a real onerous and time consuming process, but vital to the stability of your business systems within the organization. Organize all of this with FlowForma Process Automation, by managing the change control council decisions through FlowForma Decision. 


Use FlowForma BPM to look at which change controls worked effectively versus those which needed to be rolled back and identify areas for improvement

Process Challenge 5: Contracts Management

Finding the contracts quickly is the real need here. In most scenarios you have several contracts with the one vendor. How do you manage these and find what you need quickly? Leverage the FlowForma Case Manager to link vendors with a multitude of contracts.


FlowForma BPM - Contracts Management


Start Solving Dark Process Problems

At FlowForma, we are committed to solving Dark Process problems. These are informal and ad-hoc processes that exist within organizations, that are fundamental to the running of business units but for which management have poor visibility. Our customers who have used our business process management tool to automate operational dark processes have benefited from a real tangible return on investment.


Customer Feedback

"Even though our processes can be complicated, we were able to supply a step by step workflow with FlowForma Process Automation. It provided full visibility of the process and easily identified bottlenecks. They took a very detailed problem and turned it into a logical process that made sense."

- Nicky Maguire, Chief Financial Officer, GOAL