Business Analyst

The role of the Business Analyst can have a high value impact to an organization when engaged correctly.
Their key goal is to ‘join the dots’ between business requirements and IT delivery, to ensure project success.
Business Analyst

Bridging the gap between the business and IT can often be challenging. The Devil’s Advocate view is that business departments get frustrated with IT when they believe they are not prioritizing their projects, not delivering them fast enough and don’t deliver what they asked for. IT, on the other hand, are frustrated with the volume of requests from the business and the constant changing of requirements, as they see it.

How Can FlowForma Add Value for Business Analysts?

1. Project Success Delivery

Forget waterfall delivery. To be honest, forget Agile scrums and sprints! This is all about Test and Learn delivery. With FlowForma Process Automation, you can build out your online solutions quickly, play it back to the business teams, test, refine, learn and keep turning this wheel until you go live. This is guaranteed success - no more long specifications where everyone debates about change requests, projects become delayed and maybe get canned because the business has changed since you originally defined the solution!   


FlowForma BPM - workflow software for Business Analysts

2. Reduced Project Cost

You are now the key person in the project, armed with a tool that will let you build out the digital process for the business without needing developers – this is great – but guess what – no more large project team costs! So now you are delivering these projects in a faster time at a fraction of the cost to the business.    


FlowForma - business process management for Business Analysts

3. Process Challenge: Centralized and Integrated Systems

FlowForma Process Automation sits on top of Microsoft SharePoint®, either on-premise or online. This means the workflow tool is by default integrated into an organizations active directory to access any data or documents available on SharePoint.


FlowForma - workflow software for business analysts

FlowForma Recognized as Strong Performer in Forrester WaveTM

“FlowForma is easy for non-IT business analysts to learn.’’

- Forrester WaveTM: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers Q4 2017

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Customer Feedback

"We rebuilt a process in around a week, as opposed to the month we would have needed with the old application – that’s a 75% efficiency improvement – and we’ve ended up with something much better than what we had before."

- Dave Pritchard, Systems Analyst, Eurofound

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