Chief Financial Officer

The goals of the Chief Financial Officer are to provide accurate and timely financial information, ensure compliance and transparency, mitigate risk and identify opportunities for the business. To enable them to focus on these goals, they need to be confident that their department is practicing lean principles, whereby their financial processes are running efficiently and owners have visibility of bottlenecks etc.
Chief Financial Officer

A lean running Finance department is crucial to any organization. Often CFO's are challenged with getting all their systems to speak to each other. Visibility can also be a big challenge, with Finance personnel spending valuable time establishing bottlenecks in processes and chasing relevant parties for updates etc.

How can FlowForma make your Finance Department Leaner? 

FlowForma Process Automation is the ideal tool to support your Finance department in automating and streamlining everyday financial processes such as CAPEX, employee expenses and PO approval processes.

Process Challenge 1: Expenses Management

For many organizations, expenses management is a real pain point, we're often surprised how many Finance departments are burdened with out-of-date expense systems that don't facilitate workflows. Most of our customers use workflow to accelerate their expenses management process and provide visibility of bottlenecks etc. An expenses workflow in the FlowForma Process Automation tool commences once an employee submits his expense form, moving the claim through the various stages of approval required from the Expenses Manager, Line Manager and CFO.


FlowForma BPM - Expenses Management Process

Process Challenge 2: Purchase Order Generation

An everyday process, Purchase Order generation can be a time consuming task for Finance departments. We've supported a number of our customers to successfully automate this process with FlowForma Process Automation - enabling staff to easily raise Purchase Orders (PO), complying with specific requirements. Inbuilt form automation facilitates rapid completion of PO's by the initiator and efficient processing of the PO at every stage through to payment and closure.


FlowForma - purchase order process

Process Challenge 3: Capital Expenditure Process

Lack of visibility for all parties is often a common issue with the Capital Expenditure Approval process. At FlowForma, we recommend bringing this process online with FlowForma's cloud workflow tool and giving everyone the access they need to cut down on those repetitive queries.  


FlowForma - Capital Expenditure Processes

Process Challenge 4: Customer and Supplier Onboarding

Another time consuming but important process for Finance departments is the onboarding of customers and suppliers. With FlowForma Process Automation, relevant parties can input the required information for example in the case of a new supplier, details such as Company Registration No, Vat No, Accounts Payable Contact Details etc. are captured and added to the Finance System using a FlowForma integrator.

FlowForma BPM - On boarding processes

Customer Feedback

"Core to our work is ongoing collaboration between many people in different departments and countries. We need to have them all in sync and sharing information on one platform. Even though the processes can be complicated, FlowForma Process Automation now provides us with full visibility of the process and easily identifies bottlenecks. They took a very detailed problem and turned it into a process that made sense."

- Nicky Maguire, Chief Financial Officer, GOAL