Empowering Firms To Digitalize Road, Rail and Highway Projects At The Touch Of A Button

FlowForma is the fastest and most intuitive process automation tool on the market for driving the digitalization of civil construction projects. It's a no code process automation tool which means it's easy to use, designed for businesspeople, supported by IT.

Our road, rail and highway construction process management software benefits firms who want to rapidly digitalize their processes to support remote workers, remove paper process inefficiencies in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads, rail and highways, driving productivity and profitability through digital transformation.

Our all-in-one (forms, workflow, analytics, and doc gen) process automation tool is praised by construction firms for its simplicity, BIM compliance support and unparalleled return on investment. Our customers love using the tool because it doesn't require any prior coding skills.  

Process Automation In Construction  

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FlowForma Is Trusted By Civil Construction Leaders

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It is enabling departments to be more efficient and have better visibility of what’s going on.

Shaun Circle

Shaun O'Donnell

IT Manager | Coinford

We’re going to use FlowForma Process Automation on all our projects. It makes my job much easier and saves a lot of time. The only limitation is your own imagination.

karl circle

Karl Henderson

Digital Engineering Lead | Downer

We looked at Nintex and K2, from our point, they were cost prohibitive. We looked at PowerApps, which again didn’t really fit the bill. FlowForma Process Automation met all our requirements."

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IT Manager | Costain, Skanska & Balfour BeattyA14 Joint Venture

The digital workflow built with FlowForma has helped bring automation into the recruitment onboarding process. This will save time and increase data integrity because information is only touched once.

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Carolynne McCaughey

Director of Corporate | Morgan Construction


A Powerful Process Automation Tool Designed To Meet Road, Rail and Highway Construction Challenges Head-on

 Removing Manual Processes 

69% of construction leaders say they want to move manual/paper processes online to prevent project delays.

FlowForma helps road, rail and highway construction firms accelerate their digitalization by empowering their businesspeople with no code tools that drive automation efficiencies across the lifecycle of civil construction projects. Whether users are looking to automate pre-build processes (eg. contracts and contract bidding), build processes (eg. labour, supply chain, permits) or post-build processes (eg. maintenance of roads and highways), FlowForma provides a solution that drives immediate automation efficiencies and delivers rapid ROI. 

  Poor Access to Project Information 

37% of our recent survey respondents say they have problems accessing task information on projects, which causes inefficiencies and delays.

FlowForma enables its customers to report on road, rail and highway project data in real-time using mobile, tablet or desktop devices. This enriched business intelligence is delivered via the FlowForma app and empowers users to make more accurate, timely and effective business decisions.


   BIM Compliance 

36% of construction managers say they would benefit from a tool to help them achieve BIM compliance.

The FlowForma Governance App supports organizations in becoming BIM compliant, by developing standardized processes across new road, rail and highway construction and also building projects.

Learn more about our building construction software for contractors. 

  Project Overruns 

65% of construction organizations have been impacted by project overruns in the past 12 months.

With real-time project data available at the touch of a button, FlowForma users avoid road, railway and highway project overruns, empowering them to react and address challenges immediately when they occur.

  Hiring, Onboarding and Managing Suppliers

35% of construction workers face restricted
communication with staff, customers and suppliers when on site.

With FlowForma Engage, organizations empower external users such as employees or suppliers to participate in business processes, creating enhanced customer experiences and driving efficiencies across projects.

   Barriers To Digital Transformation

23% of participants believe a perceived lack of skills prevents their organizations from moving processes online.

FlowForma is designed for organizations to drive the mass adoption of process automation, through its user-friendly design, minimal training, and world-class support.

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9 Construction Process Accelerators

Our Construction Process Accelerator consists of 9 popular construction process templates, ready for customers to adapt and deploy with speed. These fully customizable and accessible process accelerators include:

1. Onboarding Requisition

4. Field Change Request

7. Monthly Project Controls Meeting

2. Concrete Pre-Pour

5. Safety Observation Report

8. Hot Works Permit

3. Recording Of Issues

6. QA - Checksheet

9. Materials Requisition

FlowForma Process Automation is the fastest route to accelerate the digital transformation of road, rail and highway construction projects. Here’s why:

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Rapid Adoption
Weeks to ROI

Processes Digitized In Weeks Not Months

ROI Within 6 Weeks Of Onboarding
5x Faster Than Any Other Solution

5x Faster Than Any Other Tool
Mobile access everywhere

Mobile Processes Accessible Anywhere & Anytime
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Free Construction Process Accelerators
Improve data and visibility

Improved Data Quality & Visibility 
Improve productivity

Improve Productivity On-Site
Cross-departmental approach

Cross-Departmental Approach
5 Star Reviews

Award-Winning 5 Star Support

Experience Rapid ROI

  • Save >$80,000 per significant process
  • Deliver a 16% carbon footprint reduction
  • Digitize 50+ processes a year 
  • Save over 6,000 admin hours a year

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