2021 Predictions Webinar with Appetite for Business

Webinar Recording
Recorded: January 27, 2021



Webinar Recording: "2021 Predictions with Appetite for Business"

On January 27, FlowForma's Product Strategist, Paul Stone joined Andy Ross, Technical Lead at Appetite for Business to deliver a free online event to unveil their top process automation predictions in 2021 and share how automating processes can help navigate both employees and employers in 2021. 

This webinar recording will demonstrate how process automation tools are necessary for businesses to survive and adapt to ever-changing environments. It will explain the ways businesses can reduce costs, improve customer experience, eliminate paper, drive compliance and increase productivity by implementing the latest process automation strategies and tools. 

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Webinar Highlights

  • The “great lockdown” of 2020 will make the drive for automation in 2021 both inevitable and irreversible
  • Digital transformation at more than three-quarters of enterprises will focus on automation
  • 2021 will be the "year of killing paper", due to the widespread problems from manual/invisible paper and spreadsheet processes out of COVID
  • No code will be a serious part of technology strategy
  • Automation will advance to support one in four home workers




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