FlowForma Webinar, feat. Special Guests from Forrester and Beaumont Hospital - ''Focus Your Digital Process Automation Efforts Squarely on Customer Outcome''

Please note this webinar took place on the 24th October 2018.

The term “digital transformation” has become terribly overused, but make no mistake, the goals are very real and success can be literally life changing. Nowhere is this more evident, than in the world of healthcare.

In this fireside chat webinar hosted by FlowForma, guest speaker Rob Koplowitz from Forrester Research and Mark Graham from Beaumont Hospital discussed how to approach process automation to drive customer outcomes, who needs to drive the effort (hint: it's not IT) and how to measure success. Some positive outcomes that Beaumont Hospital has realized through digitization of processes include: 

  • Numerous forms across 14 different IT systems ranging from clinical flows at the point of patient contact to 20+ HR/back office processes.

  • Clinicians can capture rich data digitally at the bedside, theater, or elsewhere and this info is visible in the back office providing full transparency and the ability to improve processes.

  • Medical staff have eForm options including waiting lists, referrals, and theatre notes. Forms are pre-populated with patient data from other systems ensuring speed, accuracy, and transparency.

  • All processes are built by and for users. Projects are no longer 'IT' projects and processes are built quickly and iteratively.

  • No code development facilitates an agile approach, traversing legacy systems and replacing manual processes.