Traditional BPM Gives Way to Digital Process Automation

Forrester’s Report by Rob Koplowitz



Forrester Report: ''Traditional BPM Gives Way to Digital Process Automation''

FlowForma is revolutionizing the Business Process Management (BPM) market, by providing inexpensive and easy to adopt Digital Process Automation tools, that help organizations transition quicker to Digital Transformation.

Download Forrester’s February 2017 report “Traditional BPM Gives Way to Digital Process Automation”, where author Rob Kopolowitz explains that ''within the next two years, the primary goal for business process management (BPM) projects will be to drive digital transformation initiatives

This is a stark change from just two years ago, when application development and delivery professionals considered the primary goal to be cost reduction. Traditional BPM projects — long, hard, expensive, and resource-intensive — paid off with cost reduction. Now companies cite digital transformation as the BPM investments.''



Download this Forrester report to understand how:

  • Goals for BPM are dramatically changing
  • Digital Process Automation will become a critical part of Digital Transformation
  • As organizations move increasingly toward a customer-obsessed operating model, digitizing all business functions will become an imperative


Forrester Report BPM



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