Migrating From InfoPath To FlowForma Is A Piece Of Cake!

Upcoming Webinar
April 21st 4 pm BST / 11am EST



Upcoming Webinar - Migrating From InfoPath To FlowForma Is A Piece Of Cake!

With support for InfoPath ceasing in 2026, it's officially time to start planning your InfoPath migration. Here at FlowForma, we've made the migration a piece of cake, with our unique InfoPath Migration tool.

As InfoPath does not support modern end user access points, like mobile devices, and does not offer features that maximize the benefits of modern technology. Technical solutions built on InfoPath are inferior to those built on modern platforms.

Join us on April 21st to see a live demonstration of FlowForma's InfoPath Migration tool in action and learn why now is the time to migrate to a no code process automation tool instead.

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  • Discover the FlowForma InfoPath Migration tool

  • Watch a live demonstration of an InfoPath process migration

  • Hear a case study about how seamlessly FlowForma customers are migrating from InfoPath

  • Learn how quickly you can create new forms, with all of the standard FlowForma benefits such as mobile accessibility, workflow and document generation

  • Understand the reasons why organizations are choosing FlowForma Process Automation as their InfoPath alternative

  • Hear expert tips for planning your migration




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