Modernize Core Applications With Cloud

How To Clear Three Big Hurdles Blocking Your Most Important Work Over The Next Decade
by Forrester's John R. Rymer and Dave Bartoletti



Forrester Report: Modernize Core Applications With Cloud

Most core software systems are too inflexible, outdated, and chaotic to give businesses the flexibility they need to win, serve, and retain customers. Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) leaders want to modernize these apps using cloud technologies and practices, but they’re often impeded by the difficulty of the task and unable to even start the journey.

So digital transformation is facing a moment of truth: Will companies find a way to harness the power of cloud, to finally tackle the slow core systems that have always been too difficult and too important to touch? Yes, and it will be the most daunting — but important — work for AD&D leaders over the next decade.

Download this report by Forrester to learn how your peers plan and launch core-app modernizations using cloud services.

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Key Takeaways from this Report:

  • First Hurdle: Identify The Compelling Event That Answers, “Why Modernize Now?”:
    Without a compelling event, executives and AD&D leaders are loath to undertake a long, expensive, risky, and largely unattractive journey. Some firms are compelled by competitive threats or directives from their boards. For others, it’s new customers or a mandate to innovate faster.

  • Second Hurdle: Find The Best Application To Start Modernizing With Cloud:
    Clients tell us that finding the starting line for a modernization initiative is their hardest challenge. The best starting points: core systems like billing and demand operations that deliver customer experiences and codify operations. The business cases for modernizing those apps are the most compelling, raising the likelihood of executive support.

  • Third Hurdle: Align Modernization Across People, Platforms, And Practices:
    In modernization discussions, “cloud” is now code for contemporary software architectures, containerized deployment, on-demand services, and pervasive automation. For AD&D leaders, cloud requires mastering three big changes at the same time: adding new talent (hard to find), selecting new cloud platforms (of uneven maturity), and adopting nimble, quick software delivery practices (that are unfamiliar).
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