Process Health Check

Webinar Recording
Recorded: June 17th 2020



Webinar Recording:
Process Health Check 

Do you want to further optimize your processes? Do you wish to make processes more logical for users? Do you need advice for process cleansing? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I recommend you watch the recording of this Process Health Check Webinar.

View the webinar recording:

  • for best practice tips for process perfection, we'll cover process optimization, end-user logic, mobile app use, bottleneck reviews, data integrity, process cleansing, etc.
  • to hear how to quickly overcome typical process weaknesses. 
  • to see examples of how we've helped FlowForma customers improve their process health.

Access The Recording:

In this webinar you will:          

Hear tips on how to check the health of your business processes

See examples of processes we've helped improve or adjust

Understand what internal processes you may need to improve to transition to the new normal



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