Low Code Citizen Developer Programs

by Forrester's John Bratincevic



Forrester Report: Low Code Citizen
Developer Programs

Citizen development is a logical evolution of how enterprises deliver apps and enable digital business. Formal programs for citizen development, using no code and low code platforms, are a growing trend among enterprises.

In this report, Forrester Analysts highlight the importance of citizen/business developer, explain best practice approaches, and share their tips for governing such programs.

Businesspeople and Technology Leaders should read this report to learn about some of the real-world benefits of implementing no code and low code platforms into their organizations.

Download this report for best practice advice on establishing and governing a business developer program.

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Report Highlights:

  • The proven benefits from rolling out a business developer program, such as widespread automation, cost savings, improved business, and IT relations

  • How firms have reported changes in culture when “digital continuous improvement” and innovation become a normal feature of work.

  • Goals set by organizations adopting a no code process automation platform

  • How to create a digital problem-solving culture with citizen development — led by IT

  • Tips for governing a citizen development program

  • Statistics from the Forrester 2021 DPA Survey
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