The Democratization Of Development Is Accelerating

Forrester Report by John Bratincevic, Margo Visitacion & Rob Koplowitz
September 2021



Forrester Report: The Democratization Of Development Is Accelerating

To meet the enormous need for process automation and improved digital experiences, enterprises are empowering non-IT workers to develop applications through business / citizen developer strategies. This trend is enabled by technology like no code development platforms, which empower less technical workers to automate processes without code, in a governed environment.

In this report, Forrester Analysts highlight the importance of citizen/business developers, as no code becomes a normal skill of the business worker, as common as using spreadsheets and email.

Businesspeople and Technology Leaders should download this report to learn about some of the real-world benefits of implementing no code platforms into their organizations.

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Report Highlights:

  • The proven benefits from rolling out a business developer program, such as widespread automation, cost savings and improved business and IT relations

  • Why business developer strategies produce digital cultures, where continuous improvement, innovation and collaboration thrive

  • How democratized development by businesspeople is inevitable and key to the future of digital business

  • Pro-active steps for forming a business developer strategy

  • How the future will see development become a normal business skill
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