Empower Citizen Process Experts To Optimize Your Business Processes

Forrester Report by Bernhard Schaffrik, Rob Koplowitz, Renee Taylor with Chris Gardner, Glenn O'Donnell, Sarah Morana, Zachary Stone, Christine Turley
June 2022



Forrester Report: Empower Citizen Process Experts To Optimize Your Business Processes

Organizations face a critical need to automate faster and with greater breadth than ever before, and it’s imperative they approach this with an overarching process optimization

The rise of citizen development, along with the evolution of robotic process automation (RPA), digital process automation (DPA), and low-code tools, has exposed the need to understand business processes in the context of transformation and automation.

In this report, Forrester Analysts outline the Forrester Process Optimization Maturity Model, with its three maturity levels for successful process optimization and citizen development.

Businesspeople and Technology Leaders should download this report to understand how these maturity levels will help technology leaders avoid common pitfalls.

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Report Highlights:

  • To embrace this opportunity, organizations will need to democratize process improvement, while true process expertise and training will grow in importance

  • Citizen Process Expert's (CPE) will be integral to driving process optimization and automation at scale

  • Research indicates that most organizations are in the beginner or intermediate maturity phases of process optimization

  • Understand how organizations are leveraging a business process optimization mindset to drive automation
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