Migrate Forms With FlowForma's InfoPath Migration Tool

With support for InfoPath ceasing in 2026, it's officially time to start planning your InfoPath migration. Here at FlowForma, we've made the migration a piece of cake, with our unique InfoPath Migration tool.

Our InfoPath migration tool empowers businesspeople to rapidly digitize a wide range of processes utilizing SharePoint and Office365 and, crucially, is a 100% no-code process automation solution.

One of the key aspects of FlowForma Process Automation is that its ability extends far beyond what InfoPath currently offers. FlowForma Process Automation maximizes the benefits of modern technology by supporting modern end-user access points, such as mobile devices and much more.

Why Are Businesses Migrating from InfoPath to FlowForma?

Our InfoPath Migration tool has been built from the ground up to help process owners build processes without any coding or IT skills required. A single interface where forms, workflow and document generation are combined in one tool, it takes away the traditional reliance that businesses have on IT departments.

As a result, forms can be created up to 10x faster than with InfoPath, by the businesspeople and citizen developers who know the processes best, creating a better end-user experience all around.

To gain a better understanding of how quick and easy our InfoPath Migration tool is to use, you can watch our InfoPath webinar recording that we hosted some time back. In this webinar, FlowForma's process consultant David Shanley gives a live demonstration of FlowForma's InfoPath Migration tool in action.

Video: Migrating from InfoPath to FlowForma is a Piece of Cake!

The Recording Highlights:

  • Why companies are choosing FlowForma as an InfoPath Migration tool
  • Customer testimonials of our tool
  • Expert tips for your InfoPath migration

Customer Case Study

NHS Blackpool Hospitals are just one of our many happy customers who have migrated from InfoPath to FlowForma Process Automation. The key way in which FlowForma has helped NHS Blackpool Hospitals is by taking away the IT reliance that is prevalent in many companies. FlowForma's InfoPath Migration tool has seamlessly migrated thousands of forms from InfoPath, ready for use in their FlowForma dashboard.

Watch our InfoPath Migration recording to gain a full insight into how FlowForma has helped to empower the NHS Blackpool Hospitals by digitizing their processes.

Still Unsure About Using FlowForma as Your InfoPath Migration Tool?

We at FlowForma are confident that our tool can help you to empower your business by automating your processes without code. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, with over 200,000 happy global users. Don't believe us? Remove admin-heavy and time-consuming manual processes with our 14-day free trial! 

Our trial will highlight how FlowForma can drive your businesses digital transformation by seamlessly migrating your InfoPath processes, no credit card - no commitment (but we're sure you'll love us enough to stay!).

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