Chicago Build Online:
Webinar Recording

Ft Construction Technology Experts at PARIC Corporation, Clayco, CRB, and Pontem Innovations

Recorded: May 16 2022



Chicago Build Online: Driving the Future of Construction by Adopting Effective Digital Working and Process Automation Solutions

On May 16, FlowForma hosted a construction-focused panel discussion, where our Head of Solutions, Shay O'Connor was joined by construction influencers at PARIC Corporation, Clayco, CRB and Pontem innovations.

During this webinar, our speakers discuss real-world insights into how construction organizations are removing manual processes, managing suppliers and achieving serious savings with process automation.

If you are responsible for digital transformation in your construction organization, then this webinar recording is a must-watch. 

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Webinar Highlights

• How easily you can overcome challenges and delays with manual processes

• Real examples of how organizations are reaping benefits from using FlowForma's no code Process Automation tool

• Why agile automation is the new normal, with businesspeople driving responsive and rapid automation

• How to use process data to drive better visibility, decision making and problem solving!

• A short demonstration of the award-winning FlowForma Process Automation tool in action




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