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Recognizing the pressure on organizations to make better decisions faster, FlowForma BPM uniquely supports collaborative decision making functionality within the workflow/form.

FlowForma BPM uniquely provides the functionality for users to make decisions collaboratively within the workflow/form using its Collaborative Decision Enablement feature.

Resources can be identified as voters and information collected during a workflow can be presented in a single view, where each voter casts their vote based on the information presented to them at that time and can optionally record their rationale. Voting results are presented in a graphical and tabular format on a summary process step.

When the vote reaches its vote target, the process owner will be automatically notified of the results. The details of those who voted and the information they voted upon etc. is locked down for future auditing.

How it Works

  • A single pane view of all relevant information
  • Multiple voters can cast their vote
  • An overall controller initiates, reviews and closes the vote
  • Votes may be public or private
  • The relevant information is set to 'read-only' once the vote has completed, this allows users to go back over historic voting decisions and see the information available to the decision makers at that time.

Collaborative Decision Making within FlowForma



For the Business:

It enables organizations to link workflow and decision making, by kicking off a decision process from within a business process, while empowering its decision makers to make informed decisions in a secure portal, where decisions are easily auditable.


For the Decision Maker:

It provides decision makers with a collaborative area in which all decision makers can see the same data and establish or connect with other decision makers, all in a safe and secure online portal – empowering them to make informed decisions, quickly.





Collaborative Decision Making Video
Watch this short video to discover how the Collaborative Decision Making feature in the FlowForma BPM Tool for Office 365 works.

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✓ Public and private voting

✓ Authorizing e-signatures

✓ Locking in information at decision points

✓ Linking it all to processes - all in one collaboration panel

✓ Fully traceable and auditable

FlowForma Release 5.0 Update Feature Highlights

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