Collaborative Work Management - Why You Need It!

In business today, we see trends towards more project based work and more and more strategic initiatives across organizations.

But with this movement - organizations are often challenged on how to support cross-functional teams with technology to enable efficient collaboration in a secure and mobile way across different departments and geographies.

If we take a theme such as innovation for example, it must be collaborative across all divisions/business units to thrive in an organization.

Users must have:

  • a central area where they can access all innovation information
  • up-to-date analysis of all processes that they have started around innovation
  • see all relevant innovation ideas at each stage of their innovation lifecycle
  • action all pending innovation processes assigned to them

Introducing FlowForma CWM and it's Benefits

FlowForma's CWM (Collaborative Work Management) gives organizations the ability to collaborate on project work and strategic initiatives in a central area. These projects/processes are designed and built in the process owners area, along with the security of the processes and their data also residing within the process owners area.

When we have processes that extend out of a single division/business unit (like innovation), a CWM area can be created and a virtual team become the users of those processes.

How CWM Can Impact Your Organization

  • gives the ability to group your processes into dashboards that can give you trend analysis on processes
  • allows you to access your groups work item queues, see which processes in a process group are assigned to a user and what stage they are at
  • provides a discussion board for process groups, allowing you to tag users or processes in messages to the team

Of course, just like FlowForma DPA, CWM can be configured without any code. You just need an understanding of the business challenge and your human resources.

So, think about other processes in your organization that would inform your business better if they were grouped together?

A talent management process group is another great example (interviews; on-boarding; performance reviews; employee retention rates dashboard). Solving cross-functional business process problems within your company plays a big part in running successful digital transformation programs – we're seeing this add real value to those initiatives.

To learn more about FlowForma's Collaborative Work Management capabilities, why not book a demo with one of our product experts and see our product in motion? Or take a free 30 day trial - No Credit Card - No Commitment! 

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