Helping You Connect Data From Multiple Sources

FlowForma Connect empowers organizations to connect to over 500 applications. We understand that digital companies use multiple systems and applications. This is why we want you to be able to pull and push data between your digital process automation tool and the many other applications your teams use. With FlowForma Connect, you can seamlessly send and receive data at any step in your processes.

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FlowForma Connect - Sample Use Cases

Connect FlowForma Process Automation to your Oracle database - to update master data tables when a new product workflow is completed. 

Connect FlowForma Process Automation to GoToMeeting - schedule an interview as part of your performance review process. 


The Benefits

✓ Seamlessly connect data from multiple sources
500+ applications you can connect to
✓ Improved process efficiency
✓ Greater return on investment

A Digital World, For The People, By The People

Olivia Bushe circle-690264-edited

Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"Here at FlowForma, we're committed to a creating a digital world for the people, by the people.

Knowing that our customers wanted to connect FlowForma Process Automation to other apps they use, it was important for our team to develop FlowForma Connect. This innovation now empowers our community to connect their business processes to over 500 apps, so the possibilities are completely endless from setting up triggers, to kicking-off processes with data from other apps or sending data from FlowForma Process Automation to your teams favorite applications.

Feel free to ask our team for a quick demonstration."

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