FlowForma 2022 Training Course Schedule
For pricing & availability on this training course contact training@flowforma.com
Month 2 Day Training Course 1 Day Advanced Training Course
January  Tues 25th & Weds 26th  
February Tues 22nd & Weds 23rd  
March  Tues 29th & Weds 30th  
April Tues 26th & Weds 27th  
May  Tues 24th & Weds 25th  
June  Tues 28th & Weds 29th Date TBC
July Tues 26th & Weds 27th  
August  Tues 30th & Weds 31st  
September  Tues 27th & Weds 28th Date TBC
October  Tues 25th & Weds 26th  
November Tues 29th & Weds 30th  
December Date TBC Date TBC

* Please note that the above dates are subject to change. Please check our support portal here , or contact support@flowforma.com for confirmation.

What Our Customers Say

"It quickly became evident that FlowForma Process Automation had a much more robust and customizable set of features to empower our workforce, than any other tool we had reviewed.

We chose FlowForma Process Automation mainly because of its speed - we only need to build a form once, no coding skills are required and it integrates seamlessly with other systems. I love that anyone can be trained up, to create powerful process solutions with the FlowForma tool. The solution we built in 4 weeks with Power Apps, we created in 1 week with FlowForma Process Automation!"

- Karl Henderson, Digital Engineering Lead, Downer

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