FlowForma Named in Vendor Landscape for Low-Code Development Platforms

Forrester’s July 2017 Vendor Landscape:
A Fork In The Road For Low-Code Development Platforms.



Forrester Vendor Landscape: ''A Fork In The Road For Low-Code Development Platforms.''

FlowForma has been revolutionizing the traditional BPM space with an innovative approach to developing award-winning BPM products that empower users to create and streamline processes smarter and faster, utilizing the familiar Microsoft® SharePoint® platform, without any coding.

In the Vendor Landscape report, FlowForma is cited by Forrester Research, Inc. as one of two vendors that “seek to empower business experts to create workflow applications.”

We recommend that you read this research for a map of the vendor landscape to chart your firm’s low-code journey.


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Key Takeaways from the Report Include:

  • Low-Code Platforms Spreading Fast: Customer interest in low-code development platforms runs high, reflected in high double-digit growth for the leading vendors as well as many smaller providers. Forrester estimates aggregate 2017 revenues of $3.8 billion.

  • Market Segmentation Reshuffles: Two new segments have emerged. Low-code platforms for AD&D target pro development groups with rich tooling and promises of high scale. Low-code platforms for business developers target non-traditional developers with simple tooling and more modest scale.  

  • Key Challenge - Deliver AI Innovations: The low-code vendors targeting enterprise AD&D established their positions based on strength in development of web applications. As customers rely on low-code for more use cases, these vendors must add new technologies to their platforms, with machine learning, bots, and streaming data at the top of the priority list.




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