Organize To Meet The
Process Imperative

Webinar Recording
Recorded: February 2020



Webinar Recording: Organize To Meet The Process Imperative

The demand for process automation is higher than ever, as are the stakes. For those under threat from digitally disruptive competitors, the urgency is very real.

Throwing technology at the problem is not the solution. In order to meet the demand, you will need to organize differently than ever before. You must turn your business people into automation change agents.

Listen to this webinar recording to:

  • Learn how successful businesses are organizing to embrace no-code process automation

  • Discover how to keep powerful technologies in their own lanes, complementing and not competing with one another

  • Hear how to organize for process excellence first, automation second

  • Understand how FlowForma customers are empowering their business users to become automation change agents 


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Rob Koplowitz is a VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals at Forrester Research Inc.

Rob's research focuses on digital process automation as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

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