How To Build A Business Process Online, Before You’ve Had Lunch!

A diary of how I built and tested a process in 4 hours
Paul Stone, Solutions Architect, FlowForma



How To Build A Business Process Online, Before You’ve Had Lunch.

I recently came back from a conference, at which I shared insights into the lightening speed that the FlowForma Process Automation tool enables users to prototype, test and ultimately launch their own business processes in hours, with no coding required! It’s true...

But to prove it’s really possible and practice what I preach, I set myself a pretty tough challenge to build out a rather complex process with decision making functionality, all in one morning.

So that’s the inspiration for my eDiary, a diary of how I built a complex Process from end-to-end, including voting buttons. The process I chose was the ever challenging nightmare for organizations... the Tender Process! At a high level this would involve, capturing the details of a project, approval of the Tender, a sub Process for the scoring of each Proposal and then a Proposal award step.

Ok, let’s jump right in... Fill out the form to access full eBook.


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