Neglecting Process Innovation Leaves Untapped Business Value

by Forrester Research Inc. Experts



Forrester Report - Neglecting Process Innovation Leaves Untapped Business Value

Innovation managers traditionally focus their innovation efforts on a company’s product and service portfolio to stay competitive. Attractive products and services ensure competitive differentiation and business growth, but organizations often fail to recognize the potential value of inward-focused operational innovation

Automation is now a top priority, with process innovation proven to improve processes radically and continuously. Research at Forrester outlines opportunities for operational innovation and proposes ways for organizations to assess their value contributions. 

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Key Takeaways From This Report:

  • How process innovation impacts not only employee experience and productivity but also supply chain and customer experience.

  • Why process innovation works best when it occurs everywhere in an enterprise.

  • How to create top-management awareness and understanding of process innovation.
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