How to Improve Remote Workforce Communications by Eliminating Spreadsheets

Webinar Recording
Recorded: June 24, 2021



Webinar Recording: "How to Improve Remote Workforce Communications by Eliminating Spreadsheets"

On June 24, FlowForma took part in a webinar hosted by Construction Business Owners to discuss how to improve remote workforce communications by eliminating spreadsheets. In this webinar, we were joined by Carolynne McCaughey Director of Corporate Services at Morgan Construction & Environmental Ltd and Rick Dowell at Pontem Innovations. They shared detailed insights into how this project is using the FlowForma Process Automation tool to serve its remote workforce with improved communication.  

Watch this recording to hear first-hand from our panelists about the importance of digitization and how best to handle digitization in the construction industry by eliminating spreadsheets. Additionally, this recording reveals a short demonstration of the award-winning, 100% no code, FlowForma Process Automation tool, and the new FlowForma Construction Accelerator that consists of 9 popular construction process templates, ready for customers to adapt and deploy with speed.

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Watch The Recording:

Webinar Highlights

  • First-hand feedback on tackling process automation in construction
  • Expert tips and tricks on improving your remote workforce communications by eliminating spreadsheets
  • Gain customer insights on how FlowForma empowers the construction industry
  • See how to digitize daily tasks with a no code process automation tool
  • An exclusive demo of the new FlowForma Construction Process Accelerator!




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