Process Automation Trends Uncovered By Forrester

Webinar Recording Featuring
John Bratincevic, Forrester Research Inc

Recorded: July 14, 2021



Webinar Recording: "Process Automation Trends Uncovered By Forrester’s John Bratincevic"

On July 14, FlowForma's Product Strategist, Paul Stone was joined by Forrester's John Bratincevic to uncover process automation trends in a live webinar.

This webinar discussed the high in-demand no code digitization tools and forward-thinking automation by organizations who want to digitize at scale, serve remote workers and drive operational efficiencies. Watch as Paul and John give their insights on how to accelerate process automation and generate quick return.

Watch this recording to hear first-hand from our panelists about the importance of digitization. Gain their tips, tricks and insights to empower your business today!

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Watch The Recording:

Webinar Highlights

  • A discussion of the citizen developer movement
  • No code v low code - the differences you need to know
  • DPA vs RPA
  • Engaging external stakeholders in processes
  • See how you can achieve digitization at scale
  • Insights into the importance of integrations
  • Driving cross-organizational process optimization




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