Empowering Users To Create Reports In A Secure Environment  

At FlowForma we understand that generating and creating reports on various projects/processes, is a daily task for Business Managers. It's with this in mind that we have developed a series of reporting process automation mechanisms to empower business users when reporting on their internal business processes.

While leveraging the SharePoint platform as a repository for storing data safely and securely, users can create reports from lists stored here for easy access. As an added safeguard, users are required to log into their FlowForma application to extract stored data, protecting this information from being accessed directly in SharePoint.

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Fig. 1: Collaborative Work Management Reporting

Reporting Process Automation Options

FlowForma offers users several reporting options to best fit your reporting needs.

FlowForma Collaborate

FlowForma Collaborate features built in dashboard reporting using information from the SharePoint forms list. This provides an easy way to configure visual dashboards for KPI's (Key Performance Indicator). Additionally, it is useful for users who want to create visually appealing reports (see Fig. 1), that also provide an entry point to your business processes.

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Fig. 1: Collaborative Work Management Reporting

Fig. 1: Collaborative Work Management Reporting

Advanced Reporting

FlowForma Advanced Reporting is a faster and easier reporting method which is carried out using an up-scaled version of the Standard Reporting Feed. By combining an OData feed with SQL Server, FlowForma Advanced Reporting can generate reports quickly through almost any reporting tool.

FlowForma Simplify

Create and manage custom entities from FlowForma. These entities can then be used for reporting or re-used in other Flows. Utilizing the Flow Designer feature, this no code reporting solution operates using an SQL database running in the background. Find out more.

SQL Server Reporting

SQL (Sequel Server) allows you to store your data outside of FlowForma and push and pull data to the database via business rules. This method is capable of reporting on vast amounts of data at any one time, though requires a small amount of coding to create Stored Procedures within SQL Server.

Custom Lists

In order to carry out this reporting method the user must first create a list/lists in SharePoint. Once these lists have been created, the user can then add business rules to export and update the items within them. The maintenance and visibility of these lists are then the responsibility of the user.

Standard Reporting Feed

Using the FlowForma OData feed, you can access all FlowForma process data, allowing you to build out reports through any OData web feed supporting tool of your choosing. This feature empowers users to create finely detailed reports containing form data, performance metrics and audit histories.

Published Questions

A question within Flow Designer can be defined as a published question by simply clicking a box in the configuration screen. This then creates a column for the published question in the forms list. When a user enters a value into the question in a form the value is copied to the column where the form is saved, or the step is submitted.

The Benefits

FlowForma - Advanced Reporting Module

✓ Built in reporting within FlowForma features
✓ Secure repository for storing data in SharePoint
✓ Functionality with an array of tools to extract
✓ Maximizes existing SharePoint investment

Giving Users The Tools To Report On Process Automation

Olivia Bushe circle-690264-edited

Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"As no two organizations are the same, FlowForma provide users with a host of reporting options to meet your specific requirements no matter how complex. Ultimately giving you the flexibility to utilize the tool of your preference in order to create and compile your reports.

By using SharePoint as a repository for storing data, users can rest easy knowing that all information is locked in a safe and secure environment."

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