RPA, DPA, BPM, And DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know

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Forrester Report: RPA, DPA, BPM, and DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know

Customer-obsessed transformation has pushed automation front and center, though it can be difficult to choose among automation tools. To improve processes, enterprises must choose among a growing number of  no code process automation options as a foundation for digital transformation.

With so many options, it can be confusing. To help you decide, I'm pleased to share with you a complimentary copy of a recent report conducted by Forrester; 'RPA (Robotic Process Automation), DPA (Digital Process Automation), BPM (Business Process Management), and DCM (Dynamic Case Management) Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know'.

Download this free report to learn about Forrester's automation framework and how to compare process automation technologies and align them to the right use cases. This framework will help guide your strategy and buying decisions.

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Key Takeaways from the Forrester Report: RPA, DPA, BPM, and DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know Include:

  • BPM, DCM, DPA, And RPA Platforms Approach Automation Differently:
    BPM platforms innovate, modernize, and continuously improve a process. RPA takes a tactical approach to isolate and remove process pain.

  • Nine Dimensions Point To Five Primary Automation Differences:
    Across nine dimensions, the biggest differences are in determinism, operating effect, robotics quotient (RQ), governance, and human-machine interaction.

  • BPM, DCM, DPA, And RPA Have Many Complementary Areas:
    The nine dimensions highlight differences in these technologies, but it’s just as important to understand how they can work together.
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