The Coronavirus Crisis Increases The Demands On Software And Developers

by Forrester's John R. Rymer, Christopher Condo, and Rob Koplowitz - May 2020



Forrester Report: The Coronavirus Crisis Increases The Demands On Software And Developers

The coronavirus crisis has blown big holes in the software strategies of most enterprises. They suddenly and urgently need new applications to track people, tests, and assets; administer new programs; coordinate the work of employees stuck at home; and fix broken business processes.

In this report, Forrester highlight the new demands that the coronavirus crisis has placed on leaders to turn to new technologies and practices in order to deliver software quickly, while working in a much more distributed setting than before.

Download this report to discover how to respond to these new demands.

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Key Takeaways From This Report:

  • AD&D Pros Respond To Three Sudden Deep Changes To Business And Work:
    The crisis has 1) forced a sudden convergence of work and home life; 2) created a distributed and distracted workforce just when leaders need the most of each employee; and 3) pushed new software priorities to the front of the queue.

  • Some AD&D Leaders Shift Their Priorities And Technologies To Gain Speed:
    Leaders who remain positive and continue moving forward with new technologies and processes will learn from this crisis and allow their companies to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Other AD&D Leaders Choose Existing Technology, Risking Slow Response:
    Leaders who hunker down to avoid risk by sticking with older tools, technologies, and processes will find their businesses further behind than when the crisis started.
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