The Race To Digitalize Construction

Webinar Recording

Recorded: April, 2023



Webinar Recording: ''The Race to Digitalize Construction''

Digitalization is a business imperative for construction firms that want to compete and win in a hypercompetitive and volatile marketplace in 2023.

Alongside ELN (Executive Leaders Network) FlowForma host a webinar on April 19 to explore three key areas that will empower a digital-first workforce to win in 2023. With insights from the experts at FlowForma, and Mohiadin Ahmed, Digital Change Manager at Bouygues Energies & Services (UK), this webinar recording is a must-watch!

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Webinar Highlights

- How a shift towards data-driven decision-making improves project performance, avoid overruns, and equips a business to rapidly scale
- How digitalization can empower a workforce to operate smarter, faster, and more efficiently to drive operational excellence, business resilience and competitive advantage.
- How deploying technology can alleviate material cost rises and supply chain challenges by rapidly reducing business costs across a business.




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