Why Digitization Is
No Longer An Option

Embrace A Changing Work Culture & Eliminate Paper
PEX 2020 Whitepaper



PEX (Process Excellence Network) Whitepaper: Why Digitization Is No Longer An Option

As businesses acclimatize to a work-from-home culture, digital process solutions that enable workers to focus on the job at hand are becoming essential to business operations.

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Covid-19 has forced societies across the planet to adapt to a 'new normal' and businesses to evolve their offerings to cater for remote clients and employees. While the shift from paper to digital has been ongoing for years, many organizations remain behind the curve.

The truth is that a business with a clear vision on what it wants to achieve from implementing a digital process solution can rapidly put the tools in place to start onboarding for a digital transformation journey.

Digitization is no longer something that can be ignored or delayed.

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    • Discover why change is no longer about keeping pace but staying afloat  
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    • Read examples of how your peers have digitized daily tasks
    • Get tips for embracing a changing work culture and eliminating paper-based processes
    • Learn how to empower remote collaboration with FlowForma Process Automation (desktop, mobile app, Microsoft Teams app)


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