Digitize A Business Process In Under 1 Hour! Digitize Onboarding Process

Webinar Recording



Webinar Recording: "Digitize A Business Process In Under 1 Hour!" Digitize An Onboarding Process

On June 2, FlowForma hosted an interactive workshop, where FlowForma's Product Specialist, David Shanley, and Territory Manager, Stewart Miller, digitized a business process of popular choice in less than 1 hour using the FlowForma Process Automation tool!

With 33% of attendee's votes, David and Stewart used FlowForma's 100% no-code tool to digitize an employee/customer onboarding process.

Watch the recording to hear first-hand feedback from David and Stewart about the importance of digitization in the workplace.

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Watch The Recording:

Webinar Highlights

  • Hear common process challenges, and gain advice and tips from our experts
  • See an onboarding process, chosen by our live audience, digitized in under 1 hour
  • A short demonstration of the award-winning, 100% no code, FlowForma Process Automation tool
  • Get exclusive access to the FlowForma Trial Environment including the process built during the live workshop and additional process accelerators




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